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A Trusted Partner in Women’s Health

LLS Health is a leading service provider and partner in Women’s Health, offering excipients, development, and GMP manufacturing services for both novel products and 505(b)(2) candidates.

We’ve led the way in vaginal ring design for over 20 years, developing and co-patenting a contraceptive device marketed in Europe. Lubrizol excipients are used in vaginal rings (PathwayTPU) and topical vaginal gels (Carbopol® Polymers).

GEN 130175 LZAM 044 V3 2 via Lubrizol CDMO

Long-Acting Drug Delivery and Intravaginal Rings

Partner with LLS Health to develop, optimize, and scale-up your next product. We have experience with a range of long-acting dosage forms, including intravaginal rings and subcutaneous implants.

  • Ready for your API: capable of handling small molecules, highly potent APIs, biologics, and controlled substances (Sch. I-V)
  • Polymer agnostic: experienced with EVA, silicone, TPU, PLGA, and novel polymer chemistries
  • Technology agnostic: experts in process development and scale-up for polymeric dosage forms
  • Equipped for GMP: years of experience taking clients through Phase II clinical trials, both via technology transfers and development projects

Unique Excipient Technologies

  • Pathway™ Thermoplastic Polyurethane: highly customizable family of GMP excipients that is ideal for controlling drug release from intravaginal rings and implants. Learn more and request a sample.
  • Carbopol® Polymers: excipient family with over 50 years of use as a pharmaceutical rheology modifier, tablet binder, suspension stabilizer, extended-release polymer, mucoadhesive aid, and bioavailability enhancer. Learn more and request a sample.
0 GEN 061031 018 scaled via Lubrizol CDMO

Notable Partnerships in Women’s Health

October 2020

  • Product: One-Year Contraceptive Vaginal System
  • Partner: Population Council
  • Press Release

September 2020

  • Product: Generic Contraceptive Injection
  • Partner: Gates Foundation
  • Press Release

January 2019

  • Product: Novel Vaginal Rings
  • Partner: Encube Ethicals
  • Press Release

Other Partnerships