Markets and Therapeutic Areas Served


We help you overcome sterility and bioavailability challenges with excipients, development, and manufacturing services for complex ophthalmic products.Lubrizol brand icons 3 1 via Lubrizol CDMO

Long-Acting Drug Delivery

We are equipped with the technologies and expertise to handle the design, formulation, and production of long-acting drug delivery systems.Lubrizol brand icons 4 via Lubrizol CDMO

Oral Drug Delivery

We are experts at overcoming the challenges of oral drug delivery and formulating BCS Class II through IV compounds.Lubrizol brand icons 5 via Lubrizol CDMO

Topical, Muscosal, and Transdermal

We have decades of experience developing complex topical formulations, including transdermal, transmucosal, and sterile topical ophthalmic products. Health Tube via Lubrizol CDMO

Injectables / Parenteral

We develop formulations for all routes of parenteral administration, including simple solutions, suspensions, and powders.Lubrizol brand icons 1 1 via Lubrizol CDMO