Ophthalmic Drug Delivery for Retinal Disorders

Ophthalmic Drug Delivery for Retinal Disorders

Updated on March 28, 2022
Ophthalmic Drug Delivery for Retinal Disorders

What’s In This Tech Brief

Delivery of therapeutics to the human eye is one of the most interesting endeavors a formulator can take on, but also one of the most challenging. The anatomy and chemical make-up of the eye make it highly resistant to therapeutic penetration. Successfully circumventing these protective barriers requires intimate knowledge of the constraints of ophthalmic delivery as well as specialized formulation and development expertise. Drug delivery to the back of the eye in particular is expected to experience the largest growth in the next five years and 55% of debilitating ocular diseases affect this segment.

In this tech brief, we explore the:

  • Types of ocular drug delivery
  • Constraints of posterior ocular drug delivery and applicable routes of administration
  • Considerations for developing and manufacturing ophthalmic drug products

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