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Solid Dosage Forms – Polymers for Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Polymers are used extensively in the development and manufacture of Solid Dosage Forms (SDFs) and serve many purposes. For Immediate Release (IR) SDFs, they are used as binders in order to increase the density, flowability, and compactibility of bulky Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), which would otherwise not process acceptably on high- speed tablet presses and encapsulation machines. Polymers are used for non-functional (aesthetic) coatings to impart colors and favorable mouth feel to tablets without relying on the time-intensive and highly skill-based process of sugar coating, which was the only alternative prior to the advent of polymer-based coatings. Polymer-based functional coatings, such as those used for moisture or oxygen barriers, can nevertheless be formulated as IR dosage forms, still allowing quick release and absorption of the API. Cross-linked polymers that swell extensively in the presence of water and gastrointestinal fluids are used to promote disintegration of tablets and capsule plugs, and are available in commercially available powder forms designed to be readily compatible with tableting and encapsulation formulas and processes.

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