Implantable Systems and Microparticle Depots Webinar

What’s In This Video Webinar

A growing number of APIs suffer from poor water solubility, low bioavailability, and insufficient stability. As more BCS class II­–IV compounds enter the drug development pipeline, formulators must look to advanced drug delivery systems to achieve a desired therapeutic effect and protect APIs from degradation. Long-acting dosage forms such as microparticle depot injections and implantable systems—both biodegradable and biodurable—offer tunable designs that help overcome these challenges. However, successful development and optimization of these complex drug products require specialized knowledge, equipment, and facilities to properly execute.

This webinar explores key considerations in developing long-acting drug products, including a comparison of design options, polymers, and manufacturing methods for both depots and implants. Experts investigate some of the common challenges in these areas and explain how long-acting dosage forms are characterized by real-world case studies.

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