Lubrizol’s Commitment to Improving Lives During COVID-19

As part of the dynamic COVID-19 environment, it remains Lubrizol’s priority to protect our employees and minimize any impact within our supply chain. Our Health team’s mission is to improve patient outcomes and we are ready to help service our customers drug product development and manufacturing needs during this critical time.

Learn more about how Lubrizol is helping in the fight against COVID-19, including enabling 1 billion bottles of hand sanitizer and contributing to key medical device components and pharmaceuticals.

Learn about vaccine development and how Lubrizol’s SATx™ technology enables more effective vaccines.

Our Services Related to COVID-19 Response

Formulation Development

We formulate APIs to maximize bioavailability, control release rate, and enhance stability.


Nanomilling is an efficient approach for improving the rate of dissolution and bioavailability of BCS Class II and IV compounds.

SATx™ Technology

Our SATx™ technology offers a simpler, more versatile approach to “linking” a biological molecule with an API.

Microsphere Encapsulation

LLS Health is a leading solutions provider for long-acting injectables based on microsphere technology

Analytical Services

We are experts in complex sample preparation, and our experienced staff designs and executes phase-appropriate analytical strategies.

Drug Product Manufacturing

LLS Health offers pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial drug product manufacturing (DPM) services

Resources Related to COVID-19 Product Development

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